Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dodge Caliber

The Dodge Caliber is a compact car produced by the Dodge division of Chrysler. It replaced the Neon, and went on sale in the spring of 2006 as a 2007 model year vehicle. The Caliber has five doors and can be considered a hatchback, a station wagon (see Hatchback vs. Station wagon), or a CUV. It is roughly the size of a Neon, and it debuted globally at the 2005 Geneva Motor Show.[1] It features styling elements derivative of larger Dodge vehicles, such as a crosshair grille and large flared fenders. The Caliber is one of the first modern Dodge-branded vehicles for sale in the European, Asian, and Australasian markets. In North America, it was first shown on January 10, 2006 at the North American International Auto Show. Though not initially labeled a 'crossover', or CUV, the Caliber features many CUV-based nods that were further highlighted in the 2009-2010 models, such as a rough round back, irregular roof curve and lifted clearance, as compared to regular hatchbacks.

The car also features an optional electronically-controlled all-wheel drive system with variable torque at speeds of 25 to 65 mph (40 to 105 km/h) for optimal handling.

The Caliber rides on a heavily modified GS platform, co-designed with Mitsubishi Motors. The modified GS platform is now called the JS platform by Chrysler for mid-size cars and PM/MK for compact cars. It shares a portion of the platform with the Mitsubishi Lancer, but is most similar to the Jeep Compass and Jeep Patriot. The Caliber has wheels that feature a 5-hole pattern with a 114.3 mm bolt circle.

The Caliber is built at the Belvidere Assembly (Illinois) plant, where its predecessor was produced.

The Caliber is an important vehicle for Chrysler in its quest to expand globally. The Caliber was one of Dodge's first modern offerings in Europe. Dodge also introduced the Caliber as part of its launch lineup in Asian markets such as Japan and Singapore, as it established new distribution channels there. It was introduced in China in 2008 as Dodge's second modern vehicle offering in that market. Dodge vehicles were last officially sold in China during the World War II era. The introduction of the Caliber has also marked the return of the Dodge brand to Australia, for the first time since the early 1970s.


The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gives the Caliber an overall Good score in frontal crash testing. The Dodge Caliber comes standard with side curtain airbags but torso side airbags are optional. The IIHS scored the Caliber Marginal overall in their side impact test. However that Caliber was not equipped with the optional torso side airbag.

The SRT4 model, introduced at the Chicago Auto Show in February 2006, is a replacement for the original Neon-based SRT-4 produced by Chrysler's Street and Racing Technology group. It is a hatchback set to compete with the likes of the Volkswagen GTI and the Mazdaspeed3. It features a 2.4 L DOHC 16V turbocharged I4 with dual variable valve timing (DVVT). It produces 285 hp (213 kW) at 6,400 rpm, and 265 lb·ft (359 N·m) of torque at 5,600 rpm using the Mitsubishi TD04HL4S-20 turbo. Edmunds tested one on a chassis dynamometer and obtained 281 hp (210 kW) and 261 lb·ft (354 N·m) of torque at the wheels. Edmunds called the manufacturer's rating conservative; putting more power to the road than cars costing twice as much. The engine is mated to a Getrag six-speed manual transmission, and utilizes a front-wheel drive drivetrain. The Caliber SRT4 utilizes a high-performance MacPherson strut front suspension, and a performance-tuned multilink rear suspension. The SRT4 uses large 13.4 in (34 cm) vented front disc brakes (from the Dodge Charger Police Pack version) with dual-piston calipers and 11.9 in (30 cm) rear single-piston disc brakes. It features four-wheel ABS, with electronic assistance. The wheels are 19 in (48 cm), five-spoke, SRT-stamped, painted aluminum. The car features Goodyear RSA 225/45R19 tires. Package options include polished aluminum wheels, Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar tires, SIRIUS satellite radio with Kicker SRT livin' loud audio, EVIC with performance pages, Security alarm, and optional paint colors.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


20 days to go for Christmas here in United States. I used to be sad every Christmas here in United States because I miss my family. My Christmas here is cold and feel alone. Even it is like that I always fight my emotion and being homesick.

This year is kind of tough to me because of some fights and straggle I did just to have my Education here in United State. It is sad to say that my husband cannot understand why I wanting to study, sometimes he cannot support my decision and respect it. It is a tough year but still I am so thankful  because despite of everything I still can stand up my self and fight my emotion.

I achieved a lot of this year in a couples of months so a lot of reason  to be happy in CHRISTMAS, I got my driver license, finished my CNA class and passed my State license. That is a big things I've done and a big step to pursue my medical school someday.  This coming December 10 also is the starting of my Job in the Hospital sounds great right! Even it is a little hard here but still I pushed hard my self to become achiever. I am hoping that one day I can go farther of my career and become a stable someday. A lot to go to achieve my Dreams in Medical field but I will give my best to achieve it I will not surrender my dream because it is the only I have. I hope my work is not hard I can adjust easily and my workmate will never give a hard time to me. I known couples of them because I volunteer in the hospital where I'm going to work so I have more ideas about the area and what mostly task I'm going to do. I feel little nervous to encounter insane patient and demanding Nurse I just praying to God giving me enough patience at all  time and giving enough strength and present of mind.

The excitement is in my heart to think everything is in right track but without knowing to my husband, he killed my excitement every time he opposed my plan and always to compete his self. He had the attitude which is hard to give my way because he don't have any consideration to think my situation and my future. I tried my best to be a good wife but still it is not enough to him to put in trust in me and be with me. I don't know why his attitude is always over power in me. All I know husband and wife should always have the harmony and respect each other and understand each other. Sometime I just feel unfair because I am always giving and waiting just to understand  about what he deal of his passed life. I felt like my love is not enough for him. It is hard if you can't see any outlet for sincerity and trust in your marriage, It is hard if your the only one to have it and never received it in return. Many times I ask my mine what is the best thing just to have a peace in my mind because even I  did not bather my self about the issues I found out in my marriage still not effective it's because He made me shaken my emotion and distract it many times through telling me I just using him, I'm not loving him, I did not care him and I am going to leave him sounds like a teenager to me. I talked to him many times but he still cannot comprehend. What I know in marriage it is the promise to God  that no body can separate from husband and wife. The love and trust will molded and will growing  two of you.  Anyways even I have some issues about my marriage life I will still not losing I hope that one day I will be completely happy and me and my hubby will be successfull together. Is just so sad that you have everything then you have lacking a piece of Love and Trust I feel like it is a half of your life is gone. Maybe this is just a trials in my life which I need to face. 

I hope I did not make a wrong decision . God will Power me and Guidre me.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fight for Education

This post is signified to all graduates students batch 2009-2010 , parents and specially the Government. I extended my congratulation to all of graduates students and their parents. I am not a parent yet but I been a students also. I know the feelings when the journey comes in our way. Many out there dreaming that some day they will finish their school, graduate of any degree and finish their course they want to be. Not all of the kids and students achieve this dream not just because they are failure, did not pass but unfortunately because  their parents cannot afford to send their kids in school. To be specific like a students in the Philippines from the kindergarten going to high school until their college the parents is the one who paid for their school unlike here in The United States of America (USA) and the other country the Government is the one who paid for the education until the students graduate to high school. Try to imagine and calculate how much the Filipino spend their money just to have  an Education and fighting for the good future. Sometimes I am thinking how pathetic I was, you know why because all I sadden my family was belong to unfortunate Filipino always straggle everyday for living. I always cried just to have my studies and fight my education. I always wonder what happend to me in the future maybe like my parents always have life difficulties. I have 4 sisters 4 brothers I am on the sixth and I have 2 youngest brother. I was remember how much my parents sacrifice everything just to have food in our table and make sure they paid all the bills every month and provides all our daily basic needs. I remember my mother was walk for 5 miles to 20 miles just to sold out her candies she made and different t-shirt for buying and selling and dried fish just to have a money for our daily needs. My father was a contraction worker who cannot afford to sustain our needs that's why my mother and my eldest sis and bro helping together to work out our daily living. Even the life of my family is like that we never lossing our hope or surrender our dream. My mother still keep dreaming that someday her kids finish their education and have a brigther future like what all parents dream. I am grateful to have a family like mine because they inspired me each day and pussing me to climb a stair to achived something in my life. My family give a right path which I know Jesus and being a good Christian to have GOD in my faith. My point here is most of  Filipino have no option about their education in short we are not lucky like other country because our GOVERNMENT never do something to give the EDUCATION FOR FREE instead they making a way how Filipino people can afford their Education, they do nothing about it. Every year all school raise and put a high tuition fee and endrollment each year. That is so sadfull things for all Filipino students the government is deaf and blind about this issues. Plus the big problem of raising the price of rice, sugar, oil and gasoline which have a big affect to all Filipino society. We need to wake up why we cannot do nothing about it DON'T closed your eyes Filipino People because the Philippines is the one of the biggest rice bank before, sugar cane, and most of all the Phillipine have own resources of oil/gasoline like USA which can sustain enough for our country. What the Filipino Government did just hide that issues and never ever mention about what is the good things we can do, what the good plan for all the natural resources which all Filipino society can benefits. All the Government did is just trust the big manufacturer outside the country let the big business man in and manage and control our natural resources which they put a high price in the market. Let the chinese buy our rice farm in a very cheap price then hide and stock our rice so everybody believed we are out of rice. The Filipino idiot nothing to do just fallow what the game of the powerful and giant business man of the country. We just bought the rice where it is not came from us, very bad taste because it's an old rice  plus they put a high price. Why the government cannot solved the issues if we have a problem about rice why Government cannot support and give attention to all the farmers, why government cannot give a supply equipement where the farmers make their works more productive and easily. I think that is so simple matter which Government cannot comprehend why! because all the Government President priority is popularities, always go out to the country and spend so much of money, visit different country being affair to the other coutry, very self center, corrupt and no sincere heart to served the country. The truth is they only have a self intention and no self satisfaction... Note the simple problem of the society have a big affect to all poverty Filipino because a single peso is very important to them. The more price getting high in the market the more of Filipino people straggle and cannot afford for worthy life living so the more Filipino lost their chances to go to school. How about the rich maybe no problem to  them because they become more rich and rich because all they did is suck the life of all consumers. Every time the Government neglecting all of this issues the more many Filipino will suffer and no chance to achieved their DREAMS. They lost their hopes and direction which can cause of being rebellious and attouch of drugs and raise the crime of the society. Think everything about this and try to put your eyes and ears to all less fortunate people who trying to drill and dig on their life just to straggle to fight the Education and to have a good future. Is your soul can feel for every corrupted happend many life is wasted I hope so all GOVERNMENT REALIZED IT. "REMEMBER" you cannot bring the money to your death so better while we alive lets plant a good dids so that in the future many can have a benefits and your name still remain on this Earth. To all students don't waste the opportunities where your parents/eldest sis or bro gives to you. If some other people help to get your Education worth it and never waste it. For those who wanting to go to school but they feel frustrated and nothing to do and cannot afford. Try to apply any scholarship and keep trying to find any job and make a way like doing entrepreneurship to earn money. That was all I did when I was a high school and college. I give everything I can just to have an education. I never lost hope and surrender my dream. Everybody can do it and just don't lost your hope and surrender your DREAM.

For all the parents and graduates congratulation and GOD BLESS ALL......
PS: the government ellection over in the PHILIPPINES is very near 26 days to go VOTE WISELY:

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Scholar batch 2001

March 21,2010 The big dream of  DRANHS scholar batch 2001 reunion event was happen in Forest Hill Resort. It's been long time this batch become united again. It is so greatfull feelings to see them and very proud that for been long time they achieved their dream to be united again. I know each of them have an own life and each career. The others got married, went abroad for job, others have kids, some become a teacher and working to government. The sad things I felt this event is I was not there to join them shared the smile, laughter and the memories of every one. I know not just me was not there, a lot of my scholar classmate did not attend because they are working and the others are already living in abroad.  Unfortunately the president of the class was not attend also because of the unexpected deceases which cause her death. Her name is Maria Fe Siarot I can tell she is one of the good example student high school, one of a kind daughter, student and friend. She is smart, active, determine, strong, good Christian, small but really terrible one. A lot was surprised for what happen to her because back then we beleaved she achieved her goal and dream because of the capabilities and a leadership she shown when we was a high school. I realized   whatever paths each one of us now everything is a God's well even though seems unclear and hard sometimes just be hold your dreams, Ask a kingdom of heaven so everything it will reveal to us.      Looking for the different smile of this faces it makes me bringing back to the past. I know each of us have a different straggle in life, have different misery in life and any dramatic love life. Whatever  we had I never forgot how we shared  each day of the class before. I really miss how we make reports, assignment, activities, grouping competition, recitation, bonding, outing and of course the crying moments and silly things. Majority saying high school is the best stage of life now I agree about it because nothing I can compare for the 4years bonding in my life which you can experienced a new things and excitement  with a mixed feelings. Like what they said everything is brand new specially the emotion straggle. It is a learning stage of life like a stairway of journey. For all my batch I miss you all and I am very proud this faces. The faces painted a lot of memories in my heart. Thank you for being a part and I hope this is not the only time we reunited again. I am looking forwards that someday we the batch 2001 scholar will be complete and reunited again. To Mary Ann Kempis thanks for organizing this is a great opportunities to see you all guys and thank you so much for the pics..... I hope me, kate and marychelle will attend next time and others was not there. MABUHAY KA DANIEL R. AGUINALDO HIGH SCHOOL.  Thank you so much for the scholar sponsor................

(Comander sa tagay hahahhahha )__________>>>
The warrior three lol
Mga birador  sa pagkaon hahhahaha