Friday, November 27, 2009

Dale EarnHardt Jr

Dale Earnhardt, Jr is a professional American race car driver who drives #88 AMP Energy/National Guard Chevrolet Impala SS in the NASCAR Sprint Cap series of Hendrick Motor sports. He came from the legend race car family. He is the son of NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Sr who killed 2001 from the car crashed during the NASCAR race Daytona 500.

Dale Jr is the nationwide driver, a lot of times he proved his fans that he is a good driver also. He want to proved in the media and every one that he is not known just because of his father and his family car race history. He proved he is a NASCAR Rookie of the year award in 2001. The year 2004 Dale Jr. won Daytona 500 it was a very important day for him because it is a place where her father wreck 3 years ago and got only tittle as a "GREAT AMERICAN RACE".

Dale Jr. was grow up and born in North Carolin
he was start racing at the age of 17 where his face
is already love to all NASCAR fans. A lots of time he was on the media interview about what he think and want when he become a grown men if he want also to become a car race driver. People known he is a big fan of his father and someday become good one professional driver and yes he is right and he proved that. Though this year it is hard for him to be in rank but many times of years also that he did his best and push his self to the limit of racing. Even this year he is not a number one NASCAR driver he still the number
in the heart of his fan.

I know a lot of fans wanting him to win this year
but what ever it is The fans still here to cheer him up and say better next time and many more years to come for your career.

Me and hubby is the one of his big fan of him hopefully next season of the NASCAR race he will make it and his car hopefully in a good condition.

Cannot denied that his face is really love in media
because he Indore's a lot of product also one of
that is wrangler. He is always belong also to the
chase driver every week so that not bad I know a lot of fans love you. You still in the heart of all people
just keep it up and cheer....

Your cute face will not be fade here your
fans is always here to support you....
Good luck and more blessing Next Year


  1. I never think to like a car race but since I saw the picture of Dale, I think I began to love the race...he..he... Have a nice day, Eleanor..

  2. Thanks for introducing Dale, Eleanor...

  3. Sorry Friend I Was Busy But Now I M Back And Visiting Your Lovely Site Thanks For Visiting Me