Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Maligayang Pasko

December 16, people over in the Philippines are ready and excited for simbang gabi it is a traditional of Catholic church to have mass early in the morning like 4:00am to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Every body are wake up early and lot of people complete the days of simbanggabi because it is a special time for wishes and prayer granted.

Philippines have more different celebration about Christmas in all over the country. Philippines have a long celebration compare to other country and have special events preparation every corner because Christmas is a very special in the heart of Filipino. At the month of September Filipino people are starts busy for decoration and making lanterns
at the house,
church, school, malls and any working area. Filipino are starts thinking about what gifts they will give for the party. All children are excited for caroling in different house. The streets are going to be light up with a Christmas light and the big Christmas tree are all over in the Cities. Poor or rich are happy during in the Christmas day in the Philippines, all we think is celebrate the birth of GOD and share the love to all. You never feel sad when it comes of Christmas over in the Philippines because everybody getting together. The music and the crowd of the streets, malls and market you really gonna miss it.

All family will gather and have noche buena during the midnight of 24 of December that's a very special midnight feast of the family. Special foods and drinks are ready in the tables every body will not sleep and have Christmas party while waiting for December 25th. Fire crackers are every where and making noise to show that your happy and rejoice your Christmas. Different foods and fruits in the tables are complete. Candles for prayers are the one makes complete for the celebration.

A lot of sponsor also from big company or group will give party for street children or offer to anybody as a gift of sharing and showing care to every one. Giving Different gifts and preparation party for poor people and street children. They are more special on that holiday because Christmas is a time of sharing and giving.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Merry Christmas

Christmas is a widely and global celebration season holiday. It is the most widely celebrated festival all over the world. Christmas has a long and varied history. It has been celebrated for centuries by different people, at different times, in different places, and in many different ways. I am trying right now to give an enjoyable and reasonable why people need to celebrate Christmas and what it is all about.

Christmas was commonly celebrated even before according to the ancient history. Christmas tree have a big part of this season. It is a symbol
of warm, light and joy. Did you ask to your mind why the
Christmas is December 25 and winter time, the weather is cold. Back to the ancient time during a winter season they bring woods and died trees in their homes to burn and fire it to feel warm around the house. They observe the burn woods is become a dazzling light and give joy to their heart and eyes. The middle of winter has long been a time of celebration around the world. Centuries before the arrival of the man called Jesus, early Europeans celebrated light and birth in the darkest days of winter. Many peoples rejoiced during the winter solstice, when the worst of the winter was behind them and they could look forward to longer days and extended hours of sunlight. Christmas is a looking forward to our brighter life. It is not just about a history of ancient time or a regular holiday of our calendar. Christmas is for joy, for giving and sharing, for laughter, for coming together with family and friends, for tinsel and brightly decorated packages... But mostly, Christmas is for love that we thanks so much we been here in this world, we got a lot of experience even it is good and bad we rejoice it because we extending forward for another year to have a better life and correct all our mistake. In christian we celebrating love from Jesus came to this world and sacrificed his life he teach a lot of people about a good life and being a good Christian. I know their is a part of this world Did not believe about Jesus and Band the Christmas but hope those people realized that we Christian we Believed God, and Jesus is a Good example to us he lead the righteousness of life and teach the right and what is wrong. What ever religion are you it doesn't matter to me because people the same have one heart. All you need to do to your heart plant love and rejoice it, plant positive to your heart so you can harvest positive in the next year.

Thus Christmas is a celebration of love and mirth symbolized by the Nativity, the Santa, the caribou, the poinsettia and the evergreens. All that bring home the spirit of love and life. And this is the spirit that makes Christmas so popular throughout the world. Though originated by the Roman Catholics who commemorate the December 25th as the day of birth of Christ Child, it has gradually come to be celebrated by the non-Catholics as well. As far as the United States goes, the celebration of Christmas is comparatively of recent origin. Much of the world was already well into Christmas celebrations by the time the United States began to wake up. In the first half of the 19th century the Sunday schools in America held Christmas celebrations. And the celebration of Christmas in America owes its origin to these schools. Alabama was the first state to grant legal recognition to Christmas in 1836. The DC did it in 1870. By 1893 all the states and territories had made similar acknowledgements.
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Monday, December 14, 2009

Air show of Blue Angels

I'm going to introduce the Navy blue angels of the USA. I seen them every time they got an air show of any big events here in the United state. My hubby really dye hard fans of this forces because they have a big part of the country and they give their life for their profession.

The Blue Angels’ mission is to enhance Navy and Marine Corps recruiting efforts and to represent the naval service to the United States, its elected leadership and foreign nations. The Blue Angels serve as positive role models and goodwill ambassadors for the U. S. Navy and Marine Corps. A Blue Angels flight demonstration exhibits choreographed refinements of skills possessed by all naval aviators. It includes the graceful aerobatic maneuvers of the four-plane Diamond Formation, in concert with the fast-paced, high-performance maneuvers of its two Solo Pilots. Finally, the team illustrates the pinnacle of precision flying, performing maneuvers locked as a unit in the renowned, six-jet Delta Formation.The team is stationed at Forrest Sherman Field, Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida, during the show season. However, the squadron spends January through March training pilots and new team members at Naval Air Facility El Centro, California.

The Blue Angels are scheduled to fly 69 air shows at 35 air show sites in the United States during the 2009 season, as the team celebrates 23 years of flying the F/A-18 Hornet. Last season, more than 13 million spectators watched the Blue Angels perform. Since its inception in 1946, the Blue Angels have performed for more than 455 million fans.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Here are the other wild birds visiting in our back yard. They are kinda scary because their beck is long plus they are tall birds and can fly high also like the other small birds. The name of this birds is Florida Sandhill Crane they are belong to the endangered species bird and protected by the government. You cannot kill them because you find $25,000.

One night I grill in the patio of our backyard I know I made a lot of great foods smell. Early in the morning when I am ready to open the back door to watch the nice view of the lake I heard something noise so I check it out then I found out the two big birds are loud and noise. I think they smell my foods and want it. I was surprise

because they are already in front of my door and watching at me. I grab some of my food and feed them. It's look like they love it because they stay longer.
When my husband went home that night he find out that the name of that bird is Sandhill Crane. He said that kind of bird is always a couples , they walking around as a partner because when her/his partner kill or die the other crane remaining will become sick and died also so this bird cannot survive alone. I observed also that this bird are protecting each other when the one is eating the one is watching and guard if their is an enemy.
In the night when my hubby know there is a crane in our back yard visiting we decided to buy birds seeds to feed them.
I got first picture of my hubby feeding the crane I was scared watching him because he is getting near to the bird. The crane was felt they have a new home, so every morning and afternoon they are always stay at the backyard eats the foods.

One day my Filipina friend visited me I told here I got new friend I bring her to the back yard she was surprised because she seen the big bird and she was scared a little also. Me and my hubby was cutting the weeds that time so my friend just
watching us. When my friend felt little bored she
go out in the back yard and trying to help us suddenly the crane birds don't like her they attack my friend they flown across the backyard towards to my friend. My friend was freck out and screaming she was scared because the bird spread their wings wide and the beck are ready to attack. That time my friend is lucky because the crane birds are listening to my hubby when he clapped his hand and say nooo so my friend was feel relief she just go back inside the house.

According to the research Crane birds are one of the wild birds in the North America and more have territories here in Florida. They are known to their dance. The cranes' beauty and their spectacular mating dances have made them highly symbolic birds in many cultures with records dating back to ancient times.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


That's me I was feeding to my new friend duck crusher in our back yard. There is a small lake in our back yard that's why different birds I can see there. It is nice place for relaxation I enjoy watching the water and different birds fly cross the lake.

The friendly duck he spread his wings when I took a picture to him. Every time I say hello and call him, he respond and waving his tail. It is a funny day to feed them which you know in a simple way you connect the environment and being friendly to some animals.

Every morning and noon time I walk in the side of lakes to feeds some birds and fish. It is a one way also to enjoy my self while I'm at home.

The environmental system in Florida are strict
regarding animals and birds. You are not allow to
kill them they are all protected. Once you caught
you kill them you find thousand of dollars.

This are the some group of wild goose in the lake Florida they are shy and scared to the people. When I am start walking around and getting near to them they are start moving far at me. They fly high like some other birds. Over in the Philippines goose is the one who reproduce a good eggs for balot. Balot is the one of the exotic foods over there in the Philippines. It is the boil eggs with a little chick inside. Many Filipino eat that balot because it is rich of proteins and good for the appetizer. One of most people I heard Balot is good food to recover your strength when you feel week or sick. Actually that's is one of my favorite Filipino food Balot with hot sauce vinegar.

Start Crochet

Taking some Photo when I was feel bored while I was making busy to my self crocheting a new bag. Crochet is one of my hobbies and skills when I was coming here in America. Back then over in Philippines I really don't care this staff I was remember when I was high school I felt tired and hard time doing this simple project.

Now I can create different staff in Crochet like swim wear, bags and hat. My husband help me a lot to push me doing this things and got interest. He bought me a set of materials for crochet and book where it will teach you how to start crocheting.

Making busy to my self is really help a lot to me having fun and cannot observed the time running fast by. It is served also as a therapist of our stress and emotional
attachment which sometimes cause us to feel bad and up side down.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Timothy Richard Tebow "Tim" was born August 14 in Manila Philippines As a Filipino I am proud of him and I can tell he is a gifted child because he survive when his mother have a life threatening when she was a pregnant to him . His mother was suffered an infection with a pathogenic amoeba. Because of the drugs used to rouse her from a coma and to treat her dysentery, the fetus experienced a severe placental abruption. Doctors expected a stillbirth and recommended an abortion to protect her life. Tebow family was a Christian missionaries God proved His grace and power because both his mother are survive the life threatening.

He is a first sophomore win a Heisman Trophy in American football quarterback for the Florida Gators. He was the first college football player to both rush and pass for 20 touchdown in a season.

Tim Tebow played quarterback for
Nease High School in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida where he become a division I-A recruit and rank among the top quarterback prospect in the nation as a senior. He choose and attend the University of Florida being a dual threat quarterback adept at rushing and passing the football who change a lot the pace of Gator. He start his career at year 1996 who listed as a college football top mobile quarterback. Tebow played a role in the Gators' victory in 2007 BCS National Championship Game against Ohio State. He threw for one touchdown and rushed for another, finishing with 39 rushing yards.He finished 2006 with the second-most rushing yards on the Gator team.

In year 2007 Tim Tebow was names as one of the "Break Out player of 2007" for college football by sporting news and was named the starter at quarterback for the Florida Gators before the 2007 season. On January 7, 2007, Tebow was featured prominently in an ESPN “Outside The Lines” feature on homeschooled athletes seeking equal access to high school athletics in other states. Because a homeschooler's access to public and private school athletic functions vary by state, Tebow and Miami Dolphins defensive end Jason Taylor (who was allowed to play at his local high school in Pennsylvania) argue in favor of extending the right to play for local teams to more states. He is the first nominated home-school athletes of Heisman Trophy. He proved a lot to win his team and he received a lot of awards. On November 1, 2008 playing against the Georgia Bulldogs, Tim Tebow ran for his 37th rushing touchdown, breaking the school record previously held by former Florida running back Emmitt Smith.Tebow led the Gators to a 12–1 record in 2008. After clinching the Southeastern Conference Eastern Division title, the team played for and won the SEC title in the 2008 SEC Championship Game against the Crimson AlabamaTide. The win secured the #2 ranking in the final BCS standings, which earned the Gators the chance to play the #1 ranked Oklahoma Sooners in the 2009 BCS National Championship Game, which they won 24–14.

Year 2008 Tim Tebow was appeared on the cover of Men's Fitness Magazine.Tim Tebow received the 2008 Quaqua Protégé Award as an outstanding home-education graduate.

On January 11, 2009, at a national championship celebration held at Florida Field, Tebow announced that he would not make himself eligible for the NFL draft but would instead return for his senior season at Florida.On October 31, 2009 playing against the Georgia Bulldogs, Tim Tebow ran for his 50th and 51st rushing touchdowns, breaking the SEC career record previously held by former Georgia running back Herschel Walker.

Tebow opened the 2009 season continuing a streak of throwing and running for a touchdown in blowout wins over Charleston Southern and Troy. He ran for a touchdown in the third game, a win against Tennessee, but failed to throw for a touchdown for the first time since his freshman season.

Tebow started against Kentucky despite suffering from a respiratory illness and taking two bags of intravenous fluids before the game. He ran for two touchdowns to put him in 2nd place on the all-time SEC touchdown list and he also threw for a touchdown. Late in the third quarter he was hit in the chest by Kentucky defensive end Taylor Wyndham and then in the back of the head while falling by knee of Florida tackle Marcus Gilbert. Upon impact, he briefly displayed a prominent Fencing Response with his left arm, indicating that a concussion had taken place. He lay motionless for several minutes before being helped to the sidelines. Once there, he vomited. He was taken by ambulance to the University of Kentucky Chandler Medical Center.A CT scan showed no bleeding in the brain, with the injury described as a mild concussion. Coach Urban Meyer stayed the night in the hospital with Tebow, who was discharged in the morning.

On October 31, 2009 playing against the Georgia Bulldogs, Tim Tebow ran for his 50th and 51st rushing touchdowns, breaking the SEC career record previously held by former Georgia running back Herschel Walker.

Monday, November 30, 2009


For awaiting time of the New moon Movie they are successful for the premier night. All the fans are excited to watch of this movie. For the first week comes out of the movie they make 34 millions and the 2ND week comes out they they make up to 45 millions to make them a certified top box office. Until now they remain no.1 in box office.

The movie is about the action adventure, a good thriller, a fame romance capture in the eyes of televiewers, Sequel and the adaptation. The movie successful comes out November 20, 2009
it is rated PG for some violence action...

Staring Character:
Christen Stewart
Robert Pattinson
Taylor Lautner
Ashley Greene
Michael Sheene
Dakota Fanning
Nikki Reed

Directed by :
Chris Weitz

The Twilight Saga New Moon 2009
Movie Overview Details
Fallowing Bella Swan's I'll Fated 18 birth day
party, Edward Cullen and his family abandon the town of
Forks, Washington in an effort to protect her from the
dangers inherent in their world. As a hear broken Bella
sleepwalks through his senior year of high school, numb
and alone, She discovers Edward's image comes to her whenever she puts herself in jeopardy. Her desire to be with him at any cost leads her to take greater and greater risk.

With the help of her friend Jacob Black, Bella refurbishes an old motorbike to carry her on her adventures.
Bella's frozen heart is gradually thawed by her budding relationship with Jacob, a member of the mysterious Quileute
tribes, who has a supernatural secret of his own.

In a chance encounter brings Bella face to face with a former
nemesis, only the intervention
of a pack of supernaturally large wolves saves her from a
grisly fate, and encounter makes it frighteningly clear that Bella is Still in grave danger. In a race against the clock, Bella learned the secret of the Quileutes and Edward's true motivation for leaving her. She also faces the prospect of a potentially
deadly reunion with her beloved that is a far cry from
the one she'd hoped for.

Biography Kristen Stewart born in April 9 1990 at Los Angeles, California where her father worked as a stage manager, producer director in numerous fox television shows and her mother was a scriptwriter. Her performance in grade school Christmas play caught the of of the talent agent in the audience, so that age of 8 Kristine Stewart began auditioning for film and television roles. Time will comes to her having a chances to be roles and any different faces and bring her to become popularity's

Robert Thomas Pattinson born on May 13, 1986 in London, England. He was raised in suburb of Barnes by his parents, Clare and Robert Pattinson. Acting captured his fancy at an early age and soon supplanted his schoolwork as his sole focus. As a teenage, He joined the prestigious Barnes Theater Club, which give him an education about classic drama. A casting agent saw him in a production of "Tess of the D'urbervilles" and encourage him to pursue performing as a career. The chance's coming to him to become popularity afforded of any choice of rolled.

Taylor Daniel Lautner born on February 11, 1992 in Grand Rapids, Miami. He was studying martial arts at the age of six and earning first place trophies in competition only a year later. Under the guidance of seven-time world champion and actor Mike Chat, he received such a degree of proficiency that he was asked to represent the United States in the 12 and under division at the World Karate Association. There, he took home three gold medals and earned the title of Junior Forms and Weapons champion. At the advice of Chat, he also began auditioning for acting roles at nine. After flying to Los Angeles to try out for a television commercial, he found this new pursuit to his liking and began auditioning on a regular basis.

Like Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee before him, Taylor Lautner came to be an actor after a top-ranking career in martial arts. He was encouraged to try his hand at acting after establishing himself as a karate champion at age nine, and his martial arts skills immediately came in handy for his feature debut as a tween superhero in Robert Rodriguez’s “The Adventures of Shark boy and Lava girl in 3-D” (2005). More roles in family films like “Cheaper by the Dozen 2” (2004) followed, and while Lautner’s TV career seemed cursed with failed series, it did not hinder the young actor from evolving into a heartthrob with the teen set. In 2008, Lautner was launched to stardom after landing a supporting role in “Twilight” (2008), the pop culture phenomenon based on the teen vampire romance book series by Stephanie Meyers. Due to the overwhelming popularity of the film, Lautner reprised his role as shape shifter Jacob Black in the sequels “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” (2009) and “Eclipse” (2010), vying for the love of human Bella (Kristen Stewart) with an adventurous spirit that earned the actor increasing interest from film directors looking for a new young adult star who could both woo the girls with his intensity and impress the boys with his rugged agility..