Monday, November 30, 2009


For awaiting time of the New moon Movie they are successful for the premier night. All the fans are excited to watch of this movie. For the first week comes out of the movie they make 34 millions and the 2ND week comes out they they make up to 45 millions to make them a certified top box office. Until now they remain no.1 in box office.

The movie is about the action adventure, a good thriller, a fame romance capture in the eyes of televiewers, Sequel and the adaptation. The movie successful comes out November 20, 2009
it is rated PG for some violence action...

Staring Character:
Christen Stewart
Robert Pattinson
Taylor Lautner
Ashley Greene
Michael Sheene
Dakota Fanning
Nikki Reed

Directed by :
Chris Weitz

The Twilight Saga New Moon 2009
Movie Overview Details
Fallowing Bella Swan's I'll Fated 18 birth day
party, Edward Cullen and his family abandon the town of
Forks, Washington in an effort to protect her from the
dangers inherent in their world. As a hear broken Bella
sleepwalks through his senior year of high school, numb
and alone, She discovers Edward's image comes to her whenever she puts herself in jeopardy. Her desire to be with him at any cost leads her to take greater and greater risk.

With the help of her friend Jacob Black, Bella refurbishes an old motorbike to carry her on her adventures.
Bella's frozen heart is gradually thawed by her budding relationship with Jacob, a member of the mysterious Quileute
tribes, who has a supernatural secret of his own.

In a chance encounter brings Bella face to face with a former
nemesis, only the intervention
of a pack of supernaturally large wolves saves her from a
grisly fate, and encounter makes it frighteningly clear that Bella is Still in grave danger. In a race against the clock, Bella learned the secret of the Quileutes and Edward's true motivation for leaving her. She also faces the prospect of a potentially
deadly reunion with her beloved that is a far cry from
the one she'd hoped for.

Biography Kristen Stewart born in April 9 1990 at Los Angeles, California where her father worked as a stage manager, producer director in numerous fox television shows and her mother was a scriptwriter. Her performance in grade school Christmas play caught the of of the talent agent in the audience, so that age of 8 Kristine Stewart began auditioning for film and television roles. Time will comes to her having a chances to be roles and any different faces and bring her to become popularity's

Robert Thomas Pattinson born on May 13, 1986 in London, England. He was raised in suburb of Barnes by his parents, Clare and Robert Pattinson. Acting captured his fancy at an early age and soon supplanted his schoolwork as his sole focus. As a teenage, He joined the prestigious Barnes Theater Club, which give him an education about classic drama. A casting agent saw him in a production of "Tess of the D'urbervilles" and encourage him to pursue performing as a career. The chance's coming to him to become popularity afforded of any choice of rolled.

Taylor Daniel Lautner born on February 11, 1992 in Grand Rapids, Miami. He was studying martial arts at the age of six and earning first place trophies in competition only a year later. Under the guidance of seven-time world champion and actor Mike Chat, he received such a degree of proficiency that he was asked to represent the United States in the 12 and under division at the World Karate Association. There, he took home three gold medals and earned the title of Junior Forms and Weapons champion. At the advice of Chat, he also began auditioning for acting roles at nine. After flying to Los Angeles to try out for a television commercial, he found this new pursuit to his liking and began auditioning on a regular basis.

Like Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee before him, Taylor Lautner came to be an actor after a top-ranking career in martial arts. He was encouraged to try his hand at acting after establishing himself as a karate champion at age nine, and his martial arts skills immediately came in handy for his feature debut as a tween superhero in Robert Rodriguez’s “The Adventures of Shark boy and Lava girl in 3-D” (2005). More roles in family films like “Cheaper by the Dozen 2” (2004) followed, and while Lautner’s TV career seemed cursed with failed series, it did not hinder the young actor from evolving into a heartthrob with the teen set. In 2008, Lautner was launched to stardom after landing a supporting role in “Twilight” (2008), the pop culture phenomenon based on the teen vampire romance book series by Stephanie Meyers. Due to the overwhelming popularity of the film, Lautner reprised his role as shape shifter Jacob Black in the sequels “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” (2009) and “Eclipse” (2010), vying for the love of human Bella (Kristen Stewart) with an adventurous spirit that earned the actor increasing interest from film directors looking for a new young adult star who could both woo the girls with his intensity and impress the boys with his rugged agility..



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