Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Start Crochet

Taking some Photo when I was feel bored while I was making busy to my self crocheting a new bag. Crochet is one of my hobbies and skills when I was coming here in America. Back then over in Philippines I really don't care this staff I was remember when I was high school I felt tired and hard time doing this simple project.

Now I can create different staff in Crochet like swim wear, bags and hat. My husband help me a lot to push me doing this things and got interest. He bought me a set of materials for crochet and book where it will teach you how to start crocheting.

Making busy to my self is really help a lot to me having fun and cannot observed the time running fast by. It is served also as a therapist of our stress and emotional
attachment which sometimes cause us to feel bad and up side down.

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