Tuesday, December 8, 2009


That's me I was feeding to my new friend duck crusher in our back yard. There is a small lake in our back yard that's why different birds I can see there. It is nice place for relaxation I enjoy watching the water and different birds fly cross the lake.

The friendly duck he spread his wings when I took a picture to him. Every time I say hello and call him, he respond and waving his tail. It is a funny day to feed them which you know in a simple way you connect the environment and being friendly to some animals.

Every morning and noon time I walk in the side of lakes to feeds some birds and fish. It is a one way also to enjoy my self while I'm at home.

The environmental system in Florida are strict
regarding animals and birds. You are not allow to
kill them they are all protected. Once you caught
you kill them you find thousand of dollars.

This are the some group of wild goose in the lake Florida they are shy and scared to the people. When I am start walking around and getting near to them they are start moving far at me. They fly high like some other birds. Over in the Philippines goose is the one who reproduce a good eggs for balot. Balot is the one of the exotic foods over there in the Philippines. It is the boil eggs with a little chick inside. Many Filipino eat that balot because it is rich of proteins and good for the appetizer. One of most people I heard Balot is good food to recover your strength when you feel week or sick. Actually that's is one of my favorite Filipino food Balot with hot sauce vinegar.


  1. balot and lake Florida hmmmm sounds interesting hehehehe...nice post I like it...

    happy blogging (I miss the both...)

  2. nice duck.... yummy for dinner... hahaha..

  3. I think try to be friend with them or feed then baka pwede kang bigyan ng masarap na balot. di yata alam ng maga kano yan..hehehe

  4. hmm, I missed balot, haha! Thanks for the visit Eleanor.


  5. I loved the banner!
    I love ducks too. Can I be his friend too? lol..

  6. Eleanor, you've this in your back yard? You're so lucky!

  7. hi friend thanks for u visit today, nice blog

  8. yes that is a backyard of our house their is a little lake. American don't like balot hahahah they don't like it. I always feed them so soon I hope I got some eggs from them lol

  9. Follow me too........