Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Here are the other wild birds visiting in our back yard. They are kinda scary because their beck is long plus they are tall birds and can fly high also like the other small birds. The name of this birds is Florida Sandhill Crane they are belong to the endangered species bird and protected by the government. You cannot kill them because you find $25,000.

One night I grill in the patio of our backyard I know I made a lot of great foods smell. Early in the morning when I am ready to open the back door to watch the nice view of the lake I heard something noise so I check it out then I found out the two big birds are loud and noise. I think they smell my foods and want it. I was surprise

because they are already in front of my door and watching at me. I grab some of my food and feed them. It's look like they love it because they stay longer.
When my husband went home that night he find out that the name of that bird is Sandhill Crane. He said that kind of bird is always a couples , they walking around as a partner because when her/his partner kill or die the other crane remaining will become sick and died also so this bird cannot survive alone. I observed also that this bird are protecting each other when the one is eating the one is watching and guard if their is an enemy.
In the night when my hubby know there is a crane in our back yard visiting we decided to buy birds seeds to feed them.
I got first picture of my hubby feeding the crane I was scared watching him because he is getting near to the bird. The crane was felt they have a new home, so every morning and afternoon they are always stay at the backyard eats the foods.

One day my Filipina friend visited me I told here I got new friend I bring her to the back yard she was surprised because she seen the big bird and she was scared a little also. Me and my hubby was cutting the weeds that time so my friend just
watching us. When my friend felt little bored she
go out in the back yard and trying to help us suddenly the crane birds don't like her they attack my friend they flown across the backyard towards to my friend. My friend was freck out and screaming she was scared because the bird spread their wings wide and the beck are ready to attack. That time my friend is lucky because the crane birds are listening to my hubby when he clapped his hand and say nooo so my friend was feel relief she just go back inside the house.

According to the research Crane birds are one of the wild birds in the North America and more have territories here in Florida. They are known to their dance. The cranes' beauty and their spectacular mating dances have made them highly symbolic birds in many cultures with records dating back to ancient times.


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