Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Maligayang Pasko

December 16, people over in the Philippines are ready and excited for simbang gabi it is a traditional of Catholic church to have mass early in the morning like 4:00am to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Every body are wake up early and lot of people complete the days of simbanggabi because it is a special time for wishes and prayer granted.

Philippines have more different celebration about Christmas in all over the country. Philippines have a long celebration compare to other country and have special events preparation every corner because Christmas is a very special in the heart of Filipino. At the month of September Filipino people are starts busy for decoration and making lanterns
at the house,
church, school, malls and any working area. Filipino are starts thinking about what gifts they will give for the party. All children are excited for caroling in different house. The streets are going to be light up with a Christmas light and the big Christmas tree are all over in the Cities. Poor or rich are happy during in the Christmas day in the Philippines, all we think is celebrate the birth of GOD and share the love to all. You never feel sad when it comes of Christmas over in the Philippines because everybody getting together. The music and the crowd of the streets, malls and market you really gonna miss it.

All family will gather and have noche buena during the midnight of 24 of December that's a very special midnight feast of the family. Special foods and drinks are ready in the tables every body will not sleep and have Christmas party while waiting for December 25th. Fire crackers are every where and making noise to show that your happy and rejoice your Christmas. Different foods and fruits in the tables are complete. Candles for prayers are the one makes complete for the celebration.

A lot of sponsor also from big company or group will give party for street children or offer to anybody as a gift of sharing and showing care to every one. Giving Different gifts and preparation party for poor people and street children. They are more special on that holiday because Christmas is a time of sharing and giving.



  1. That's true - our country has earned the distinction of celebrating the world's longest Christmas season. Christmas carols are played as early as September. The Christmas season lasts until the Epiphany or the Feast of the Three Kings. Well, in Cebu - it is a longer celebration -- Christmas lasts till the Sinulog Celebration (Feast of Sto Nino)which falls on the 3rd Sunday of January.

    Have a blessed Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!!

  2. Christmas na Christmas na talaga... Sarap ang pakiramdam kahit madami ang gastusin.
    Mukhang enjoy naman ang mga kababayan natin . Sana lang ang mga nasalanta ng bagyo ay mairaos din ang pasko ng matiwasay

  3. yes i think maging ok sila this Christmas butuhan kasi next year so maraming magtulong sa kanila for sure alam mo nman mga governo sa pinas pag malapit election grabe ilalantad pangalan nila talaga. Kahit ganon ang systema satin nakakamiss ang pasko kasi masaya at talagang ma feel mo ang spirit ng mga tao na excited at parang wlang mga problima

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  5. hello thanks for sharing a lovely photos...